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Dr. Vesna Sutter, your Geneva dentist, understands that patients sometimes need help receiving dental treatment. Sunrise Dental Care provides dental sedation for patients with unique dental care needs. Whether you have dental anxiety or a sensitive smile, it is our mission to deliver quality dental attention while improving your oral health. Our dental team is compassionate, and gives personal care and attention to every patient to make for a comfortable dental visit.

At our practice, we are certified to provide minimal sedation for all ages, helping younger patients, adults, and seniors receive necessary care. If you think dental sedation can improve your dental experience, call us to schedule your next appointment. 

Helping Patients be Comfortable at Sunrise Dental Care 

At our practice, patients are treated like family, and our dental care reflects this personable approach. Before treatment, we strive to ensure patients are fully comfortable. We answer all questions and explain treatments so patients are informed. It is our goal to achieve oral health and beauty goals and reduce our patient’s dental anxiety.

With a comfortable atmosphere and homey décor, we offer a non-traditional dental space for individuals and families to receive care. Dental sedation is for patients who need an extra level of care, whether they’re anxious about the treatment or the procedure itself is lengthy.

Dental Sedation Options in Geneva

Dr. Sutter is trained to provide minimal sedation, which helps patients relax yet stay conscious in the dental chair. This allows us to give instruction and direct care throughout a procedure. These medications are only given to patients after a thorough health history review, for we want everyone receiving sedation to be safe. We offer the following sedation options: 

Nitrous – Safe for all ages, nitrous sedation may be more commonly known as laughing gas. Administered via mask, this medication places patients in a relaxed state, and can be maintained for longer periods of treatment. When the procedure is complete, the gas is purged from the lungs with pure oxygen, allowing patients to return to their day with minimal side-effects. With this form of sedation, patients do not require transportation to and from our practice. 

Oral-Conscious – This minimal sedation comes in pill form, and is only given to adults. This method gives a deeper feeling of relaxation than nitrous, and often makes people feel drowsy. You are still responsive while under oral sedation. Before and after treatment, patients should have a friend or family member take them to and from our practice, for the effects of oral sedation last a few hours. 

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If you needextensive dental care, or have not visited the dentist for some time, dental sedation can help you relax while at Sunrise Dental Care. We serve Geneva and surrounding areas, including St. Charles and Batavia. Schedule an appointment with us online, and we will help you receive gentle and compassionate treatment. 


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