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TMJ & Migraine Treatment in Geneva – Vesna Sutter, DDS – Sunrise Dental Care

Tight jaws and migraines due to TMJ can go hand in hand, which is why Dr. Vesna Sutter addresses these needs with Botox and Trudenta®. TMJ causes chronic headaches, jaw pain, tightness in neck muscles, and limits your ability to pursue daily life. Sunrise Dental Care provides personal attention to these uncomfortable symptoms, and our dental team works hard to get you back to daily life. Call us at 630-232-6334, for TMJ help in Geneva. 

Treating TMJ with Botox®

Botox relaxes tightened muscles due to TMJ, easing reducing pain. Dr. Sutter will diagnose your TMJ issues utilizing a 3D scan of your jaw, which will guide treatment. Botox is then applied to specific areas that require attention. Patients will see and feel results immediately and experience increased benefits through the next week. From a more natural and relaxed appearance, to diminishing wrinkles, Botox offers TMJ relief and aesthetic improvement.

Patients should know that Botox injections only offer temporary relief, lasting a few months or so before a new injection is required. After Botox relieves your TMJ symptoms, discuss long-lasting options with Dr. Sutter.

Common Botox Questions

Won’t it make my face look stiff?

Botox used in minimal amounts will support a natural look and relieve discomfort.

After treatment, will I be able to return to my daily routine?

Yes. Although exercise should be limited, and rubbing the injection sites can limit the effectiveness of treatment. 

Relieving Jaw issues with Trudenta®

Trudenta offers a non-invasive approach to reducing muscle tension and headaches. This treatment method begins with a TMJ diagnosis, and utilizes advanced technology and physical therapy to improve jaw function and rebuild comfort. The three components that make up the Trudenta treatment include:

Ultrasound: TMJ is a disorder resulting from the buildup of scar tissue and imbalanced muscles in the jaw. The Trudenta wand fuses heat and sound waves to smooth out scar tissue and relax muscles, which have grown taut over time. 

Trigger Point Manipulation: Your certified Trudenta dentist will perform this physical therapy technique to disperse muscle tissue and stimulate healing. Gentle and relaxing, trigger point manipulation provides the foundation for future healing. 

Cold Laser: This safe and painless technology stimulates healing and reduces TMJ inflammation. As part of the three-fold plan, application of the cold laser supports long-term health in the jaw and further reduces jaw discomfort. 

Contact Sunrise Dental Care for TMJ Relief

We understand the difficulties of living with TMJ and constant migraines. For help, call us today, and receive tailored and gentle treatment for both short and long-term relief. You can also schedule an appointment online! You can find treatment for your TMJ discomfort from our Geneva practice, also serving Batavia and St. Charles. 


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