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How Does BOTOX Work For TMJ And Migraines?

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, commonly known as TMD, refers to the number of conditions associated with the jaw joint and the surrounding areas. Symptoms can range from tightness in facial muscles to migraines.

Sunrise Dental Care offers patients relief from TMD discomfort with BOTOX® treatment. Consider our Geneva practice if you or a loved one are suffering from jaw tension or migraine discomfort.

BOTOX® Therapy for TMJ and Migraines

In recent years, BOTOX has become an alternative treatment for TMJ and jaw pain. When BOTOX is applied, it relaxes the strained facial muscles that cause discomfort. This treatment can often relieve tension from headaches or migraines caused by teeth grinding or unnatural stress being put upon the temporomandibular joint due to a misaligned bite. As many people suffer from TMD for long periods of time, BOTOX can provide nearly instant relief and provide a better environment for healing.

How BOTOX® Treats Jaw Tension Disorders

Your TMJs connect the lower jaw with the skull. Their health is crucial as they help you speak, chew, and drink. When the joint becomes inflamed due to excessive pressure or improper movement, it can result in severe headaches, or reduce the jaw’s range of motion, creating pain and discomfort.

BOTOX is a non-surgical treatment administered in-office by your dental professional. It is applied only to the exact areas that are affected. This procedure is quick, uncomplicated, effective, and does not require sedation or a hospital stay.

What to Expect After TMJ Treatment with BOTOX®

Patients that have undergone BOTOX therapy experience noticeable relief from their symptoms within the first few days. However, some improvement may not be obvious for up to a week. Because only the areas applied with BOTOX are alleviated, the treatment does not affect the rest of the body. TMJ disorders afflict specific regions of the face, sometimes causing an uncomfortable looking appearance. Patients that choose BOTOX have the added benefit of improved aesthetics with a more natural and relaxed presence while their TMJ discomfort is diminished.

Once treatment is completed, there may be some soreness, redness, or tenderness around the attended areas. For the most part, patients are free to go about their everyday routines with an incredibly low chance of complications.

At Sunrise Dental Care, our entire team is dedicated to providing patients relief from their TMJ and migraine symptoms. For more information on how BOTOX TMJ therapy can benefit you, call or visit our Geneva practice today!

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