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How TMD can Affect your Overall Oral Health

Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD) affects the oral and overall health of many people. Despite being an oral health issue, the symptoms that develop from living with the disorder have an adverse effect on the entire body. TMD starts because of injuries to the jaw or teeth, and often from excessive clenching and grinding of the jaw. This causes the jaw to misalign, creating an improper bite when the top and bottom row of teeth don’t close together seamlessly. Eventually, the misalignment leads to tension and pain in the muscles that control jaw movement.

Associated Symptoms of TMD

A common symptom associated with TMD is lock jaw, but pain and discomfort all over the neck and head persist if the disorder is not properly treated. Individuals who suffer from TMD experience a wide variety of symptoms including migraines, lightheadedness, stiff neck and shoulders, a numb sensation in their extremities, earaches, and backaches.

Your ability to chew food, speak, and even breathe properly can be effected from persistent symptoms. Studies have also shown that suffering from the muscle tension caused by TMD can bring on a slouching effect to the posture, causing pain in the back, hips, and extremities.

Perhaps the worst symptom and side effect from a misaligned jaw is nerve damage. The pressure caused by jaw misalignment eventually deteriorates the sheath around facial nerves, leaving you susceptible to ticks, spasms, and discomfort.

Methods to treat TMJ

Depending on the severity of your TMD, you have several options for your care and recovery. At-home solutions include icing the swelling, massaging the jaw or neck, taking over the counter anti-inflammatory medicine, or participating in yoga or other stress-reducing exercises.

If existing symptoms are more severe, Sunrise Dental Care will recommend BOTOX injections to the

specific areas to help the muscles start to relax. This treatment provides temporary relief, but Sunrise Dental Care can help you figure out more permanent solutions moving forward. Another relief option we provide is treatment through Trudenta®, where lasers are used to stimulate the nerves to heal.

Relieve your Tension, Today!

If you are experiencing head, neck, or jaw pain due to TMJ, give Sunrise Dental Care a call today. Sunrise Dental Care will take every measure to relieve your pain and put you back on the path to a beautiful smile.

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