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How TMD Causes Migraines

TMD is the name given to the general dysfunction and issues associated with the injury or incorrect operation of the temporomandibular joint (the TMJ). This joint connects your lower jaw to the skull, and is responsible for its movement. Although a small component of oral and general health, this joint can affect your overall well-being. One common symptom of TMD is chronic migraines, which are hugely detrimental to daily living.

Daily Problems with TMD

Beside migraines, TMD affect daily life in other ways. Normal movement of your head can be restricted, your jaw may pop while chewing, and eating may become uncomfortable. In regards to teeth grinding or jaw clenching, teeth can receive enormous amounts of pressure and be fractured or moved out of alignment.

When these muscles and tendons are strained, normal chewing function, as well as neck and head movement, can be affected. The tension can be caused by various behaviors, such as chewing gum or clenching your jaw. Additionally, the muscles in your neck and head muscles may lock up if you do not sleep properly. This strain builds up and puts pressure on your skull, causing headaches and migraines. Without relief provided by dental treatment, massages, or physical therapy, these migraines have the potential to grow more severe.

How a Dentist can Help

If you have TMD, you may not realize that a dentist can be part of the solution—since the issues are related to a joint and not teeth. Many dentists have received extra training in treating the many issues associated with TMD. From determining the possible cause of your dysfunction, to restoring normal bite and good oral health, your dentist offers a range of solutions.

At Sunrise Dental Care, patients receive a thorough yet compassionate examination of their TMD issues. The dentists at our office listen to patients’ concerns, and customizes treatment to address the unique symptoms you face. Migraines, jaw pain, and muscles issues can be resolved in-office using the multi-stage Trudenta® method, or even using BOTOX for temporary relief. She uses her knowledge and experience to ease pain in the short term, while introducing treatments for long-term recovery.

To get relief for your migraine, contact Sunrise Dental Care in Geneva, today! We put your oral and general health first.

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