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Is Your Child Required to Have a Dental Exam for School? We’ve Answered Your Important Questions

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Did you know that, according to recent studies, 51 million school hours are lost as a result of dental problems in the United States? To help protect children’s health and allow them to stay in school, the Illinois Department of Public Health requires that students of a certain age have dental examinations prior to the school season. To help clarify what you need in order to fulfill these requirements, we’ve answered some of your most pressing questions.

What is the Proof of School Dental Examination form?

The Proof of School Dental Examination form is completed by your dentist and used to serve as proof that your child has had their required dental examination before the new school season. (Keep reading to see if your child is required to have this form completed.)

What is the Dental Examination Waiver form?

Children who cannot have a dental exam (and therefore cannot complete the Proof of School Dental Examination form) can fill out and submit the Dental Examination Waiver form instead. This form is intended for children who either have lack of access to dental care or who incur undue burden as a result of the requirement.

Where can I find these forms?

Both of these forms are on the Illinois Department of Public Health website as well as the Illinois State Board of Education website.

Is my child required to submit the Proof of School Dental Examination form?

Is your child in kindergarten, 2nd grade, or 6th grade? If so, they are required to have a dental check-up prior to the upcoming school season. This applies to all children in the state of Illinois, regardless of if they attend a public, private, or parochial school. If your child is not in these age groups, however, we still highly recommend they have a check-up at least once every six months.

Does my child qualify to submit the Dental Examination Waiver form instead?

There are a number of circumstances that could qualify your child for the Dental Examination Waiver form. For starters, if they are enrolled in the free and reduced lunch program and are not covered by and/or are ineligible for private or public dental insurance (such as Medicaid/All Kids), then they can submit this form. If your child is enrolled in the Medicaid/All Kids dental insurance program, but you are not able to find a dentist or clinic in your community who will accept the insurance, then you may also submit this form. Lastly, if your child does not have dental insurance and also does not have access to a low-cost dental facility, then they are not required to have the examination.

How do we complete the Proof of School Dental Examination form?

Filling out this form is easy! After scheduling your child’s dentist appointment, simply print off the form from the IDPH or ISBE websites and bring it to your child’s check-up. A licensed dentist must perform this examination, and they will fill out the form for you to submit.

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