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Your Tooth-Friendly Guide to Easter Candy

Easter candy

Easter is just around the corner, and we all know what that means: candy. Jellybeans, chocolate bunnies, Peeps in every shape and size – this time of year, candy is everywhere. Americans LOVE Easter candy; in 2018, we spent a whopping $18.4 billion getting our fill!

Of course, as much as we love munching on Easter candy, these treats are not good for our teeth.

If you have kids in your household (and even if you don’t), Easter candy can be awfully tempting. It’s so easy to grab a snack or two while setting up an Easter egg hunt! But if you want to protect your teeth this spring, use our advice to have a tooth friendly holiday.

The Best Candies

Believe it or not, there are candies out there that are good (well… better) for your teeth! For example, dark chocolate with 75% cocoa or more can help strengthen your tooth enamel. If you’re going to indulge in something sweet this Easter, look for a dark chocolate treat.

Another great snack option is any candy bar with nuts. Nuts can help break up the plaque on your teeth, scrubbing away the bacteria that causes cavities as you chew. Also, some candy bars with nuts have a lower sugar content than pure chocolate bars, which is always better for your oral health.

The Worst Candies

If you want to have a healthy smile, there are always foods you should avoid. Unfortunately, many of these foods are classic Easter treats! One perfect example is jellybeans. These little chewy candies are a popular choice during this holiday, but their stickiness makes them a dental no-no.

When a jellybean (or other sticky candy) gets stuck in your teeth, the sugars sit there in your mouth all day long. This gives bacteria in your mouth time to feed – and when they do, they’ll excrete harmful acid all over your pearly whites.

The same thing happens when you eat a lollipop or hard candy. Sucking on that candy exposes your teeth to sugars and acids for a very long time! This can do real harm to your teeth, so just avoid those candies this year!

How to Prevent Cavities

Look: we know it’s hard to hear our advice when all that candy is sitting in your house. If you do happen to indulge, how can you protect your teeth? Here are a few tips to help you enjoy Easter candy and prevent cavities:

Drink Lots of Water

Water helps flush sugars, acid, and bacteria from your mouth. It’s cleaning your teeth every time you take a sip! If you do find yourself snacking on too many sweets this Easter, make sure you drink a lot of water to wash down those treats – and the gunk they leave behind.

Limit Your Snack Time

If you’re going to expose your teeth to sugars and acid, it’s best to do it the same way you take off a band-aid: quickly! One snack session during the day is much better for your teeth than many treats throughout the day. Plus, this system won’t spoil your dinner!

Brush Strategically

You might think that immediately brushing your teeth is the best way to clear away any sugar left on your enamel. However, brushing TOO soon will only push sugars and acid around your mouth – where they can find a nice hiding spot along your gum line. It’s best to wait at least 30 minutes before brushing and flossing.

Visit Your Dentist

Finally, one of the best ways to prevent cavities this spring (or any time of year) is to visit your dentist for your regular checkup and cleaning. If you’re in the Geneva, IL area, Sunrise Dental Care to schedule an appointment with us today!

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