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At Sunrise Dental Care, we want all patients to have an easy, anxiety-free dental experience. Our mission is to provide quality dental care and improve the oral health of our patients, regardless of their unique dental care needs. For some patients, particularly those with dental anxiety or sensitive teeth, this may mean dental sedation. Whatever your particular needs may be, Sunrise Dental Care is happy to help.

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We are certified to provide minimal sedation for patients of all ages—allowing young patients, adults, and seniors to receive the care they need. These sedation techniques are also particularly beneficial for lengthy procedures, so you can stay relaxed yet conscious throughout the treatment. Before implementing any of the following sedation techniques, we will perform a thorough review of your medical history to ensure your safety. Once you are cleared for the administration of dental sedation, we may utilize one of the following options:

Nitrous Oxide

Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is a common dental sedative that is safe for patients of all ages. Nitrous oxide is administered through a mask to calm the patient and put them into a relaxed state. Once the mask is removed after the procedure, the effects of the sedative wear off in a matter of minutes. After using nitrous oxide, patients will experience minimal side effect. Therefore, they can continue their day as normal and do not require transportation to and from our practice.


Oral-Conscious sedation is taken in pill form, and is only given to our adult patients. While this method gives a deeper feeling of relaxation than nitrous, patients are still responsive throughout the procedure. This sedation method does leave patients feeling drowsy after the procedure, so patients will be required to have a friend or family member present to provide transportation to and from our practice. You can expect these side effects to wear away after a few hours.

We’re Here to Help

At our practice, we want to do everything in our power to ensure you have a pleasant, stress-free dental care experience. We treat our patients like family, and this is clear in our approach to dental care. Our compassionate staff is here to answer any of your questions and explain or treatment methods so you feel informed and in control of your treatment. We also strive to provide a comfortable, homey atmosphere in our office, so you’ll leave your treatment feeling at ease.

If you would like to ask our staff any questions or learn more about our sedation techniques, call Sunrise Dental Care in Geneva today.

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