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How Long Do Dental Sealants Last?

You do everything you can to give your child what you think they deserve. From taking them to soccer practice, to feeding them full servings of veggies, to ensuring that they brush their teeth morning and night, giving your kids their best chance at a healthy and happy life is your top priority. When it … Continued

The Basics of Gingivitis

If someone were to ask you what the most common disease in America is, what might you say? Would heart disease come to mind? Maybe a certain form of cancer? Would you believe them if they told you that gum disease was among the most common diseases facing Americans? This highly avoidable disease starts out … Continued

5 Reasons You’ll Love Your Lumineers

Everyone dreams of having a bright, straight vibrant smile that they can confidently flash whenever the occasion arises, but few of us are lucky enough to be born with a perfect set of teeth. Fortunately, modern science and dentistry have given us ample ways to enhance our smiles through various cosmetic means. From braces to … Continued

The Benefits of Botox

When Botox first came on the scene, many people rushed to get these small injections to help them fight the signs of aging such as wrinkles or sagging skin. While Botox is still used frequently for cosmetic reasons, did you know that there are many medical reasons that doctors can use Botox to treat patients? … Continued

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